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At Pestcure, we aim to be your first choice for pest control. Our technicians are experts in their field and are trained to BPCA standards (British Pest Control Association) which is the industry's official organisation. As a family run business, our clients receive a more personalised service with attention to the very smallest of details. We go the extra mile for every single one of our customers as your satisfaction is our number one priority.


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24 hour pest control london

At pestcure ltd we know the importance of speed in an emergency situation, that's why we have technicians that deal with pests 24/7 around the clock 365 days a year. We aim to be with you by 1-2 hours, keep calm and stay rest assured we're on the way!

Pest control service

Pest control service covering London and most of the UK

mice proofing in london

Are mice ruining your home? They're not only filthy and disgusting, but they also carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Mice pest control in London is the solution! We offer expert mouse proofing services, as well as emergency call

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Pest Control London

At Pestcure limited, we operate throughout the whole of London and are at the cutting edge of integrated pest management. We have dedicated teams geographically placed, meaning that we can have a technician to you swiftly. Our pest exterminators are experts in pest control, whether it be a straight forward residential mouse problem, or a full on commercial rat infestation. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 04/02/2022

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Pest Control and Removal: Pestcure offer a professional wasp nest removal service and our technicians are (BPCA) British pest control association certified, we can get rid of wasps in only 1 visit! If your thinking help "I need a wasp exterminator near me" then we've got you covered. Below we have some great advice and tips on dealing with these flying insects. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 03/03/2022

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control No matter what type of business you own, you will need to have an effective pest management strategy in place. Pests have the potential to contaminate the workplace by spreading disease and their behavioral traits can result in significant structural damage. It's essential that you put the right provisions in place to protect you and your customers as if you fail to do so, you could face prosecution or even prison Contrary to popular belief, commercial pest control management is not just about using pesticides. All pest programmes need to consider non-chemical, biological and cultural approaches as well as looking at broader issues such as employee education, environment modification and the strict monitoring of physical control methods. Naturally, pesticides will be deemed necessary at times and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations will influence the correct formulation and toxicity of the chemical used. BPCA MEMBERS

Expires: 03/03/2022

Covid cleaning services

Fog mist/vapour method: This is the quickest and most cost effective solution. Using a fogging machine, professional antiviral chemicals that meet BS EN 14476 standards are sprayed onto all visible surfaces to help combat infection. The spray gun ejects a fine mist into the air and is left for roughly 6 hours to completely evaporate. Hospitals often use this method when battling an outbreak of MRSA due to its ability to sanitise both surfaces and air. Combination method: The combination method consists of the use of a fogging sprayer as well as a manual disinfection of touch points by hand. This is the recommended treatment as it is the most thorough. Key premises such as Care homes, dental surgeries and educational settings require a more stringent approach due to the increased risk to the most vulnerable. They demand professional experience as well as a specific set of procedures. Our trained team will thoroughly sanitise the whole premises in accordance with the NHS colour coded scheme to avoid cross contamination. Research has shown that Coronavirus can live for upto threes days on metals and plastics, and upto 24 hours on cardboard. With the absence of a vaccine and no specific treatment, it is imperative that strict hygiene measures are taken to hinder the spread of the virus. This is namely the cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas as well as objects that are regularly touched. Pestcure Limited offer both one-off cleans and a contractual agreement to enable you to tailor your plan accordingly. We are highly competitive so do not hesitate to get in touch for the best rates and service! BPCA MEMBERS

Expires: 09/03/2022

Silverfish Control and treatments

Silverfish Pest Control We are experts in dealing with silverfish problems and infestations; Pestcure Ltd offer effective treatments which will guarantee extermination 100%. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 10/03/2022

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrel Control Squirrels become a problem when they nest in lofts as they become territorial and will act fiercely if removal is attempted. They are very clever at burrowing through any blocked entry points you have tried to implement and usually gain re-entry. Pestcure will allow you to avoid dealing with any aggression or nasty bites and ensure that your squirrel infestation is solved. We will repair the entry points made by the squirrels and use a range of techniques to prevent re-entry. We provide fast, effective Squirrel Pest Control Services throughout London and surrounding areas. We offer a professional inspection of your premises. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 10/03/2022

Solar panel pigeon proofing

Pestcure ltd are one of the leading experts in solar panel protection, providing bird meshing systems which will eradicate pigeons and other birds roosting around your panels. Our proofing methods are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and installed using long lasting, quality materials. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 11/03/2022

24 hour pest control in london

24 hour pest control service covering London and most of the U.K. BPCA MEMBERS,

Expires: 16/03/2022

Ant Control in london

Ant Control services, BPCA MEMBERS

Expires: 16/03/2022

Bed Bug control in london

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified bed bug exterminator will survey your premises and confirm that your infestation is actually bed bugs. They will examine the extent of the infestation and then tailor the most cost-effective individual control and eradication plan which will be thoroughly explained to you including the use of chemicals and heat treatment. British Pest Control Association MEMBERS.

Expires: 16/03/2022

Bees Nest Removal

Bees Nest Removal Pest Control Services BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 16/03/2022

Mice/Mouse Control in London's Capital

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BPCA) trained mouse exterminator will survey your property and identify the species of mouse that are invading your property, as well as the damage that they may have caused and entry points. Your technician will then tailor the most cost-effective control and eradication plan which will be thoroughly explained to you including the use of rodenticides. BPCA MEMBERS!

Terms: - Our Pest Control Service can help you with anything from a simple pest problem to an advanced rodent infestation, so don't hesitate to get in touch today if you need advice on how best to deal with it. - Mice carry diseases which are dangerous and unpleasant for humans; they're filthy and disgusting too! That's why we offer effective solutions when dealing with pests like mice.

Expires: 16/03/2022

Carpet Beetle Pest Control in london

Our technicians are professionally trained to the highest standards (BPCA) British pest control association certified, and offer the safest and fastest option for pest control. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 17/03/2022

Cockroach control

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BCPA) trained cockroach exterminator will survey your premises and determine the species of cockroach infesting your premises. They will also look for signs of their main harbourage and may leave monitoring traps to help them ascertain this. An individual control plan would be tailored and your technician will give you guidance on the steps that you should also take to maximise results. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 17/03/2022

Flea Control and Treatment

Controlling fleas in London's capital. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 17/03/2022

How to get rid of flies

We will identify flies infestations, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed. BPCA MEMBERS!

Expires: 17/03/2022

Mosquito Control

How to get rid of Mosquito's

Expires: 17/03/2022

Moth control and treatment

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BCPA) trained moth exterminator will survey your premises and determine that you have an active moth infestation. Through careful inspection, they would proceed to identify harbourage areas and would also undertake a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002) and risk assessment

Expires: 17/03/2022

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Uh oh – pigeons have moved into your home or garden! While these birds can look quite lovely from a distance, they spread disease, make a mess, and destroy your property. Your neighbours won't appreciate their presence, and you can damage your reputation in your community if you let pigeons roost on your property. It's time for pigeon pest control. Most people classify them as vermin or call them ‘rats with wings!' Not only that, but their constant cooing can drive you mad. If pigeons are roosting in your attic, on your roof, or anywhere on your property, you need to get rid of them. Pigeon control London is easier than you think. However, you might be worried about harming the pigeons, and not want to kill them. That's no problem – there are plenty of DIY pigeon control methods that will shoo them away naturally and encourage them to go live somewhere better suited to their needs. You're happy, and they're happy – it's a win/win situation.

Expires: 17/03/2022

rat control and pest proofing

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BPCA) trained rat exterminator will survey your premises and determine the species of rat invading your property as well as the damage that they may have caused. Your technician will then tailor the most cost-effective eradication plan which would be thoroughly explained to you. BPCA MEMBERS

Expires: 18/03/2022

seagull control

Seagull Deterrent & Repellents Seagull Spikes, Bird Wire and Netting Seagulls prefer to make their nests in high places such as chimneys and roofs. Birds can be prevented from perching (and subsequently nesting) in such places by the application of a physical barrier. Bird spikes (also known as seagull spikes) are pronged devices made of metal or hard plastics that can be attached to the exterior of building to act as a visual deterrent to birds. Despite their name, ‘spikes' on the devices actually have blunted tips and do not harm birds. Instead perching is prevented due to the angles the spikes are arranged in. Bird wire deterrents prevent birds from perching in a similar way to spikes, with rows of thin horizontal wires running parallel to the protected surface. Advantages to bird wire are that they are less noticeable then other physical barrier options and can be applied to a wide variety of building designs. Considered amongst the most effective and long-lasting methods of bird control, bird netting is a waterproofed mesh fabric (1-2cm squares) that is permanently fixed over the area to be protected. It is particularly useful for bird control in large open spaces, excellent prevention. Electric Bird Deterrent Systems Electric bird deterrent systems consist of long wires running parallel to the potential perching surfaces, if a bird perches on the surface it will be administered with a low voltage shock. This shock causes no long-term damage to the bird and although whilst being more one of the more time-consuming options to install, it can be highly successful in controlling larger scale, well established seagull problems. Bird Gels Lasting around 12-24 months, bird gels are a short-term solution to bird control and can be catagorised into two types: contact bird gels and sensory bird gels. Contact gels, as the name suggests, require the bird to make contact with the gel, following this, a mild irritant will effect the feet of the bird (similar to our experience of stinging nettles) encouraging them to avoid the area in future. Differently, sensory gels produce fear-inducing signals the bird can see (visual) or smell (olfactory). Falconry A more natural option for seagull pest control is seen in the use of falconry. Trained falcons (large birds of prey) are instructed by their trainer to fly a route over the area effected by seagulls. As seagulls can be a natural prey to falcons, this method scares the birds from the area, making it unlikely for them to return. This method is best used where the effected area is large (e.g. public parks, industrial estates) or where structures/designs make access difficult. Kites and Decoys Gulls can be deterred by brightly coloured moving objects, installing rooftop kites, ornaments with rotating blades or other moving parts can aid in preventing seagulls on your property. Decoys shaped as owls and other birds of prey can also put-off potential seagull invaders. Audio Deterrents Audio deterrents are electronic devices that emit high frequency sound waves. Although these waves are beyond the realm of human hearing, they are very irritating to birds, making audio deterrents a great non-invasive option for seagull prevention

Expires: 06/04/2022


Mice pest control london

Pestcure Ltd are experts at dealing with mice problems in London, we pest proof your home making it difficult for pests to enter. Super mouse proofing Traps and baitboxes CCTV for tricky jobs Air rifle We offer a great super proofing service for

Price: This event is free

When: 27/04/2021 to 27/04/2022

24 hour pest control in london

At pestcure ltd we know the importance of speed in an emergency situation, that's why we have technicians that deal with pests 24/7 around the clock 365 days a year. We aim to be with you by 1-2 hours, keep calm and stay rest assured we're on the way!

Price: This event is free

When: 31/12/2020 to 05/08/2021, 24:00

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