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House Cleaning Services

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

1 Day Ago

Beckton Carpet Cleaners

Looking for help with cleaning? If so, then I have a massive suggestion for you which could make a huge difference. When I was staring forlornly at a bunch of stains in my house, I eventually gave Beckton Carpet Cleaners a call because I liked their prices. After they came and did their thing, then I must certainly say that I have hired them back so many times. I have them round as often as I need and they always provide exactly what is needed to get my home clean. If you’re looking for help, I’d definitely recommend them.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

London Carpet Cleaning Ltd

Special Offer

Valid until: 23/12/2014

1 Day Ago

Elephant Driving School

Well i've passed my driving test over a period of time. I had many lessons with different instructors, lol. It doesn't mean that i'm bad or neither the instructors were bad, well i guess i didn't take it serious. Well anyhow finally passed with Elephant driving school. Good school so does my instructor.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

Barnsbury Carpet Cleaners

I had broken my arm and couldn’t do much of the cleaning in the house. My husband suggested we call a cleaning company to get help. He had seen a company about the town and thought they looked professional. So I took his advice and called Barnsbury Carpet Cleaners. What can I say, they were brilliant. From my first call to the office I was greeted with friendly and dedicated members of staff. The date was sorted, and the cleaning ladies arrived on the dot, and brought all of their equipment and began the cleaning. They did a tremendous cleaning job.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

Barbican Carpet Cleaners

Barbican Carpet Cleaners attended to every detail when it came to by recent home cleaning service. The company was very efficient and sent a staff member out to see which cleaning package I wanted. From then we organised a date for a spring clean type cleaning service. The cleaning ladies arrive promptly armed with their cleaning gear and began immediately. They did a meticulous job all over the house from top to bottom, it looked great. I would definitely suggest if you want a reputable and reliable cleaning company to do the house work, use this company. Give them a call now.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

Aldwych Carpet Cleaners

The home cleaning service from Aldwych Carpet Cleaners has helped me so much since I fell and broke my hip. The cleaners are a friendly bunch and helpful. They get on with the housework as soon as they arrive. If anybody is considering using a cleaning service get in touch with this company they are reliable and competent. My weekly clean is something I look forward to as I know what the results are going to be, great. Don’t hesitate if you want your house cleaning give this company a call. There is a good selection of affordable cleaning packages available.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

2 Days Ago

Addington Carpet Cleaners

I was elated at my recent find of a great cleaning company in my town. I had seen the employees about in a smart uniform and vehicles with the company name on, and though how professional they looked so got in touch. I sorted a date to have a basic package as the 2 bed house wasn’t really dirty; I just wanted to spend time doing other more relaxing hobbies I enjoyed. I have for the past 6 month every week continued to have the pleasant cleaners to do my housework. Thank you so much, for an excellent service Addington Carpet Cleaners.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

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