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Sure Productions Web Design Services

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/12/2014

1 Day Ago

GSF Motor Works Ltd

Such a con artist....I will avoid these bunch of Asian mafia in the future.....trying to sell me unnecessary up selling......Looks like no one know what they doing the service manager took 15 minutes to find my keys and I had to wait another 15 minutes for the car to come in the front.......and on the top the bill of £800 and + another estimate for £1200 and ++ the car wasn't even washed and +++ service reminder warning massage was still on the dash board . Cant be bother anymore to go back ......Just try avoid (better to regret)........

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

Kings Road Dental Clinic

Got my gaps closed here with a little bit of that magic dental bonding they have. The dentist here was able to match it up so well that no-one could tell where my tooth ended and the bonding began. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, like me, had any annoying gaps they wanted rid of.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

1 Day Ago


It was very convenient to come here and get my allergies and food intolerance tested thoroughly. I was sick to death of the rashes and itching. But now what not to eat, like egg whites, that can only make my quality of life better.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

1 Day Ago


I was very pleased with the service provided by A1SOS! They fixed my HP Pavilion quickly and asked for a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend!

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

1 Day Ago

London Rubbish

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/08/2015

2 Days Ago

Aqua Dental Spa

I came here for implants (which were very successful and look great!) but as I walked in the practice looked so clean and modern, very impressive. They went thorugh the whole implant procedure with me so I knew exactly what to expect at each stage, they’re brilliant.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

2 Days Ago

St. George's Inn Victoria

My wife and I stayed at the St Georges Inn Victoria Hotel for 2 nights on Friday. Bedrooms, staff and breakfast are excellent. Really this was awesome Bed and breakfasts hotel in victoria London. Would stay here again.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

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